Although a picture is worth a thousand words, writing remains an undervalued component of modern media. I double as a professional writer when time permits. Please feel free to download and read some recent articles that have appeared in various publications.

Tragedy on the Incomappleux

Here’s an article that ran in Kootenay Mountain Culture a few years back about the unfortunate 2003 expedition to British Columbia’s Incomappleux River

Gross Happiness

Kootenay Mountain Culture feature

Patagonia Field Report

Another tale of misadventure——> click—->">.

Check out the story that inspired our True North video…

Skiing Haida Gwaii

To commemorate Skier magazine’s 10th anniversary, here’s one of my favourites. It’s from 2004. Enjoy.

Hello, I Must Be Going

Spread of words and image explaining the wonders of bird migration. Kootenay Mountain Culture, Summer ‘10.

Skier Resort Guide

An excerpt highlighting four of BC’s best ski resorts, taken from Skier Magazine’s ‘09/10 Resort Guide, Kootenays section.

Do-it-yourself Olympics: Pond Hockey

An account, in British Columbia magazine, about hockey in its truest sense: On the pond. Winter ‘10.

Testing Darwin

Here is an article about skiing in Chile’s Cordillera Darwin that appeared in everyone’s favourite regional magazine: Kootenay Mountain Culture, summer ‘09


A story about the resurgence of backcountry skiing, appearing in the Peak Performance Journal, winter ‘10.