We can all learn something from the Vancouver Aquarium’s Oceanwise program.

I was on assignment last week for British Columbia Magazine photographing the sustainable seafood network that flows from Vancouver’s inlets to the street to dinner plate. I learned that it’s not necessary to boycott all seafood in order to save the world’s oceans. On the contrary, certain ocean resources such as spot prawns (pictured below) are encouraged as tasty alternatives to foreign, poorly-managed food items, such as tiger prawns. And why not? When you can be fishing in the morning and eating what you catch by noon in a renowned restaurant in the heart of a major city, you realize it doesn’t get any better.

I can’t wait for the story to come out next winter so readers can become better educated about which seafood items are managed properly, from the high seas to haute cuisine and every step in between. In the meantime, here’s a list of food items that Oceanwise promotes as sustainable, and those that are not recommended:


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Happy Mother’s Day!

Here’s to all the moms out there. Thanks for having us, literally!


And, a special thanks to my wife Amy who is such a great mother to our boy Casey. It’s not always easy to leave for work but when it’s necessary she steps up and takes on that role and many others with great efficiency! Last weekend we had our first camping trip of the summer and Casey got to roast his first hotdog over the fire!

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I had the pleasure of revisiting Ecuador recently.


What an incredibly diverse country! With over 1600 species of birds (more than North America and Europe combined) it’s tough to put the binoculars down. Photographing them requires much time and patience, neither of which I had on this recent journey. Instead, it was an opportunity to enjoy the moment a bit more. I was helping to guide an Andes birdwatching trip for Eagle-Eye Tours.

We didn’t go more than 150km from Quito but distances are better measured in elevation gain, since the geography, biology, culture, etc. changes so dramatically depending on the altitude. In the same day you can suffer the thin air of a snow-capped volcano or drink in the lushness of the Amazon foothills- then wash it all away in a hotsprings and start over. I showed up a couple of days early to sample some mountain biking near Volcan Cotopaxi, staying at the lovely Hacienda Porvenir. Then it was off to help with the bird tour.

The trip was all-too-short but a nice prelude to perhaps an extended stay next fall with the whole family! More on that later…


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Ski Town Throwdown

A couple of months ago, Nelson and Rossland took first place in the reader-voted Ski Town Throwdown competition put on by Powder Magazine.

In conjunction with Nelson Kootenay Lake Tourism, I put this video together to say thanks to all those who voted for us. Enjoy these clips of our little mountain town and some of our inhabitants (ie. my friends and family) living it up. Although this goes against the powder skier’s creed of keeping the good things secret, I think the hospitality of our community is one of the reasons we rose to the top so I’m going with it. Thanks to all the participants who helped with this video- you know who you are!

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I spent last week on the north shore of Oahu shooting the Wanderlust Festival.

What a great time! The surf was way up and so were the spirits of all the attendees there for the yoga, music and other activities. If I could bottle the “positive vibe” that was at the festival I wouldn’t have to write these blogs. Check out some pics and stay tuned for upcoming travel stories surrounding this incredible gathering. I can’t recommend this event enough!


Okay, maybe this surfer didn’t have a positive vibe!

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Magic carpet ride

Casey and Amy were rippin’ it up last weekend at Red Mountain on their kid-friendly magic carpet!

This was Casey’s third time out on the slopes and he’s loving it. How can it be otherwise with a great Kootenay vibe to enjoy not to mention hot chocolate for the finishing touch. Thanks Amy for teaching him such good form…


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Central Coast

Last week I was up in Prince Rupert and Terrace, old stomping grounds that were calling me back. An action-packed week included lots of skiing (few cat ski days and even one day in the heli) with my buddy Dean Wagner and his posse of hedonists.

The assignment was for Coast Mountain Culture magazine- stay tuned for a story in next winter’s issue with writer and editor Mike Berard.
Some of the highlights included a waist-deep day at Skeena Catskiing, exploring terrain with Northern Escapes Heliskiing that Dean and I had slogged through nine years earlier, and hitting up the annual rock-paper-scissors competition in Prince Rupert.

If you haven’t been there, the Central Coast is an extraordinary place, currently in the throes of battle with Big Oil’s proposed oil pipeline through the area’s pristine wilderness. To those who have been up and the many who live in the area, it continues to be a surreal and unspoiled corner of the planet. At very least, it’s a great place to ski!

Rock-Paper-Scissors comp at Cowpuccino’s in Rupert

Okay, maybe Skeena was more than waist deep!

Dean pointing to our landing zone, the same glacier we skied out in a white-out after a 20 day traverse 9 years ago!

A friendly Shames Mountain local (they are all friendly!)

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Happy New Year

Here’s to all the best to you and yours during the holidays and into 2013!

Stay tuned for more adventures and family updates here. This was yesterday with Amy skiing up on Greys Peak in Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park near Nelson, BC. What a way to bring in the new year, above the clouds…


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Niseko Now!

Niseko Now! is the name of the website I check for snow reports of this northern Japanese ski resort on the island of Hokkaido. Sometimes it’s hard to believe the reports of 50cm every day are true- until you go there. Last December we had 300cm of new snow in a week of skiing and I put together a short video from our family trip. Special thanks to Yoshi at Niseko Powder Lodge for his warm accommodation and also skiing for the camera! Our family was well looked-after at this slopeside hostel.


Note, the budget for this production was zero Yen but I was well paid in snowflakes. Thanks for watching!

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