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Trinidad and Tobago are two small Caribbean islands and a single nation located only a stone’s throw from the South American mainland.

The vibrant islands, though themselves differing in character (Tobago has that “island feel” whereby Trinidad is bustling and party-crazy) are united by their natural beauty and the charisma of their residents.

During a recent trip guiding and shooting for Eagle-Eye Tours the group had an extended stay at Asa Wright Nature Centre, spent a magical two hours at Caroni Swamp, and visited the turquoise bays of Little Tobago, a small island decorated with gaudy seabirds. Below are some photos. I highly recommend these islands if you’re looking for relaxation, adventure or both!
Emperor butterfly
- image
Craning for cranes?
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Entering the Oilbird cave, Asa Wright
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Outcropping in the aptly-named Blue Waters Bay, Tobago
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Several thousand Scarlet Ibis roosting in Caroni Swamp
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Fisherman with a day’s catch

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