Family road trip- VIDEO

The trip odometer reads 6,200km and the calendar says we’ve been five weeks in Chile and Argentina. It’s been a long road beginning in Santiago and will be over in less than two weeks from now. It’s a family road trip! Right now we’re in Bariloche, Argentina.

The best and worst thing about being a photographer is that you’re almost always working. Given a family vacation, it’s inevitably also work. You can’t pass up the opportunity to photograph gauchos herding sheep off Ruta 40. You can’t possibly deny the merits of spending two weeks’ of hotel budget to fund an hour’s flight for aerial pics. Thankfully, I’m the luckiest man alive with my wife and kids being so supportive and up for the adventures. It’s getting to the point where the kids are the ones inspiring the next exploit and I just tag along for the ride, snap a few pics and later on pay for the trip, or not. This time we’ve been fortunate again to have some support from Patagonia, whose editors are confident enough we can bring home some great lifestyle and family adventure images.

Amy’s folks are visiting here in Bariloche and I’m trying to put together a slideshow to show them what we’ve been up to for the past five weeks. If it’s good enough for the in-laws it’s good enough to show the world at large. Enjoy!



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