Ecuador family trip

For the next couple of months I’ll be living in Ecuador with my family.

We’ll be on the in Mompiche, a beach town in Esmeraldas province. Our main objective is to drop off the map and focus on family but there will be a few work trips here and there such as some volcano skiing and rainforest photography. In the meantime, however, I’ll be working on making the perfect blender drinks and building sand castles with the kids. We’ve got a great surf break out front nobody else in sight. Stay tuned for more updates from this and other equatorial adventures! You can also check our family blog at Steve and Amy’s adventures.

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Goodbye fall mountain biking

It was a great fall riding season, starting off a bit wet but getting into a real “Indian summer” later in October, allowing some solid trail time. “Sunny and 16 Celsius” across the board. 

I spent five days working and riding in Williams Lake, which in my opinion must be the best mountain biking in Canada (but I haven’t been to Nova Scotia yet…). At least for a tight community there are over 300km of trails in the local area alone. Fun stuff.

The valley fog was really hanging around for a while there, allowing some really cool photos, although a crazy schedule of late didn’t allow nearly enough time to tap into this. I’m a sucker for fog photography. In my opinion, the soft and diffused light offered by the mix of sun and fog is the best it gets.

Enjoy a few pics of my buddy Jared Dyck, who loves his mountain biking like a baby loves a worn-out blanket.


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