I’m so proud to announce (to whomever reads this) that our big happy family just got a bit bigger with the addition of our newborn son Fletcher, who was born on June 27th.


He’ll join his big brother Casey in all sorts of adventures, just you wait! I really can’t say enough about how incredible the whole child-birthing process is, and how admirable my lovely wife Amy is for going through all of it, twice. Unfortunately for her, the hardships continue with the presence of three boys in the household and the toilet seat getting left up more often. Oh well- the teenage years will be easier, I hope.

Thanks again for following my updates here- you’ll for sure be seeing these characters in some photos as the years progress.


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I woke up the other day to a classic Nelson late spring scene- a line of fog over a still-cool Kootenay Lake and a brilliant blue sky above. The Big Orange Bridge was in its full glory!


This only happens a few times each year. Here’s my neighbour and Kootenay Mountain Culture designer Chris Rowat gliding across the BOB on a morning ride that happened to coincide exactly with an impromptu morning photo shoot. All I needed next was a paddleboarder cruising below- oh wait, that happened too…  Sometimes the timing just works out perfectly!

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I had a chance to breeze through Squamish the other day. They call it “Canada’s Recreation Capital”, which could describe many towns in the west, however when it comes to climbing Squamish is IT…

Jasmin Caton
Tim Emmett

A special thanks to Jasmin Caton and Tim Emmett for their climbing prowess and endless energy. I am truly inspired by the great vibe they and others convey in Squamish! It’s so nice to have this feather in our British Columbian hat. In the time it takes for me to plan a trip abroad, I can driven to Squamish and back, and climb a dozen routes in between. So fun!

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