Magic carpet ride

Casey and Amy were rippin’ it up last weekend at Red Mountain on their kid-friendly magic carpet!

This was Casey’s third time out on the slopes and he’s loving it. How can it be otherwise with a great Kootenay vibe to enjoy not to mention hot chocolate for the finishing touch. Thanks Amy for teaching him such good form…


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Central Coast

Last week I was up in Prince Rupert and Terrace, old stomping grounds that were calling me back. An action-packed week included lots of skiing (few cat ski days and even one day in the heli) with my buddy Dean Wagner and his posse of hedonists.

The assignment was for Coast Mountain Culture magazine- stay tuned for a story in next winter’s issue with writer and editor Mike Berard.
Some of the highlights included a waist-deep day at Skeena Catskiing, exploring terrain with Northern Escapes Heliskiing that Dean and I had slogged through nine years earlier, and hitting up the annual rock-paper-scissors competition in Prince Rupert.

If you haven’t been there, the Central Coast is an extraordinary place, currently in the throes of battle with Big Oil’s proposed oil pipeline through the area’s pristine wilderness. To those who have been up and the many who live in the area, it continues to be a surreal and unspoiled corner of the planet. At very least, it’s a great place to ski!

Rock-Paper-Scissors comp at Cowpuccino’s in Rupert

Okay, maybe Skeena was more than waist deep!

Dean pointing to our landing zone, the same glacier we skied out in a white-out after a 20 day traverse 9 years ago!

A friendly Shames Mountain local (they are all friendly!)

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