Sol Mountain

Sabine and Aaron Cooperman, owners and gracious hosts of Sol Mountain Lodge invited us to their incredible timber-frame alpine abode last week for some yoga, biking and relaxing. Located southwest of Revelstoke, Sol Mountain Lodge sits on a bench in the heart of the Monashee Mountains, a powder belt in the winter that lends itself to lush wildflower growth when the snow melts.

In stereotypical fashion, the boys spent some time shredding the start-up biking trails that Aaron plans to develop for cross-country riding. On the more subdued side, the girls, led by Sabine, sauntered to the edge of alpine lakes flaunting poses that nearly drew our attention away from the pristine mountain backdrops.

I highly recommend this place for a relaxing retreat, summer or winter.


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If you’ve never seen this, here’s an intro into Canadian climbing culture. Cruising the base of a mountain paradise such as the Bugaboos, Valhallas, Kokanee, or in this case, Icefall, you may find chicken wire covering the bottoms of parked vehicles. Savvy climbers use this to ward off porcupines, the nocturnal nuisances that plague parking lots of the Columbia Mountains and beyond. It’s not only bark and buds they like to nibble but also the occasional brake line or tire sidewall. As you can see below, you have to be thorough in your defense of an undercarriage. I once returned from the Bugs to find that a porcupine was living happily under the van, but couldn’t get out even if he wanted to. He’d eaten his fill of brake hose, making for a precarious descent back to the highway.

Here, Larry Dolecki guards his precious F150 from this seldom seen menace. But they are pretty cute.


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Lake Louise

It’s always nice to pop over to Alberta for cheap scotch and limestone climbs. Scrambling and climbing up giant Rockies summits is a great way to gain perspective on many of the iconic vistas found around Lake Louise, Banff and Jasper. Here’s a photograph of Moraine Lake where surely hundreds of people are also pointing their cameras- just from a different perspective. This is from the summit of Mt. Temple that my friend Ramin Sherkat and I climbed via the east ridge: one of the fifty classics (glad we did it but not going back anytime soon!).


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