Arctic adventure


I did a recent foray up to south/central/western Nunavut - sorry, it’s such a weird shape that describing the location is difficult! Anyway, I was up near the Arctic Ocean west of Bathurst Inlet doing some environmental impact assessment work. Even though the area is so far north, it’s almost unbelievable to figure that the distance from the 49th parallel near the US border where I live, to the Arctic Ocean just north of the arctic circle, is only half of the distance to the northern tip of Canada. What a vast and impressive chunk of land- culturally, topographically, geologically, biologically, etc.

A lot of heli time offered the opportunity for a glimpse of the landscape from above to really show the vastness of it. Check out the Fresh bar above for more pics…

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I haven’t spent nearly enough time in the Yukon to get a sense of the grandeur of this territory- and I imagine I’ll feel this way no matter how many times I visit. It’s a vast wilderness. This time I was doing some bird survey work up on the Dempster highway and environs in June- an unlikely month considering most landscape photographers visit in August for the fall colours. But the birds- and mosquitos- are there. Tombstone Park is the main highlight, offering easy access to sub-arctic alpine tundra. A lot of my photo opps were roadside but thankfully you don’t have to stray too far from the dirt to find interesting subjects. Dawson provides a very interesting history lesson. I’ll be back as soon as possible!


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