Climbing with baby V 2.0

Skaha Bluffs is an exceptional climbing area outside of Penticton, BC. and a regular spring/fall mission for us. Since “us”- the family-  is now three (not the ideal climbing party) we have to tough it out a bit. But even if we’re not climbing as many routes in a day as a couple of years ago, we’re still climbing. Opportunism is key.


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When I left BC three weeks ago (after commuting through Alberta, the Yukon, BC, and Alaska) the main goal was to get back to- you guessed it- British Columbia. My target was the apex of the so-called Haines Triangle: the lofty summit of Mount Fairweather. Most of this behemoth lies within Alaska but at 4671 metres, the mountain is the highest in BC and the highest coastal mountain in the world, rising directly out of the Pacific. The name is an obvious misnomer which myself, Dean Wagner and Andrew Findlay discovered while waiting two weeks for proper conditions to give us the green light for a placid stroll to the summit. This didn’t happen. It wasn’t just the tent-burying snow that was the enemy, but also the temperature- it easily dropped below -60 Celsius with the wind chill and each of us have the frost-bitten battle scars to prove it. I’m currently waiting to see if I’ll have all of my big toe by the end of it all. Fairweather does not give itself up easily! Hopefully you can wait and read the whole story in an upcoming issue of British Columbia magazine. I’m only giving you the faintest teaser here.


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