Alps Alturas


I’ve always wanted to explore this hiking trail above New Denver and the Slocan Valley. The other day, the whole family- Amy, Casey and myself- set off on our first family camping odyssey as a trio, exploring the Alps Alturas section of the Goat Range. It’s prime wildflower season and there are few places as saturated with alpine flora as the Selkirk Mountains. Alps Alturas is more of a “wow” kind of place rather than a botanical garden but we did find lots of white heather in bloom. With Inverness Mountain as a backdrop, Amy and Casey had a chance to relax in some heather somewhere along the 5km trail. It sure is fun to be a part his new experiences- ones that we might label as “everyday”- so fun!

Wait until you see the photos of his “trailside diaper change” after a full up-the-back blowout.

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PATAGONIA workshop

Heading east in a few weeks. If you’re out there please think about dropping by!


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Seven Summits

We’re fortunate here in the Kootenays to have such great mountain biking. If you ask anyone which trail to ride if you only had one day- they’d say the Seven Summits trail in Rossland. Great cross-country riding is tough to find here in Nelson (getting better with the new Smallwood loops) but it’s no biggie to zip over to Rossland to hit some rolling ridgelines and epic singletrack. This trail is over 40km of ribbon, much of which is along the alpine ridges of the Rossland Range. Some friends and I rode it the other day, and yeah… it’s a good pedal.


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