Sly maneuver

The other day I was filming some leafy action and had a surprise visitor pass through my viewfinder. Considering it was through a telephoto lens with a narrow field of view I thought it was very coincidental, and worth sharing. I didn’t actually see the fox “in real life”- just on the view screen.


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Globe article

I am fortunate to take part in an incredibly rewarding project with the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC), namingly the Tatlayoko Lake Bird Observatory.


Judging by the number of emails I’ve received lately, there is some major press involving the bird observatory and our conservation and monitoring efforts via NCC’s recent insert in the new Globe and Mail, which came out on the long weekend.

For the paperless version, click: NCC Force for Nature insert


This really is important stuff! If you don’t know about NCC’s work and mission to protect our natural heritage, please take a moment to familiarize yourself and help a very important and ongoing cause.

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The stowaway

Here’s a tale of misadventure for you…

Having endured a Biblical deluge in Bella Coola, I find myself on BC Ferries’ Northern Expedition, drifting southward past Calvert Island. I’m on the deck, working on a crossword puzzle. The moment I left Tatlayoko Lake nearly a week ago I was technically “on the Coast,” but here I am several hundred kilometres further west, having passed through coastal Bella Coola and coastal Bentink Arm, and only now am I able to gaze westward to a blank horizon - though it is still beyond the glorious sea fog spilling off Calvert’s northern tip. And there’s Goose Island out there too, but anyway you get the point. “The Coast” is a big place, and thanks to BC Ferries for transporting myself and a few dozen other stranded travelers along its misty shores- for free!

Thanks for the ice, too. The look in my eye must have told them I had precious cargo down in my van, owing to a successful hour of Coho fishing before the Bella Coola river rose to record levels. After being informed that the boat’s galley does not allow the transport of foreign items (they must be full of familiar grilled cheese sandwiches), I was thus handed a couple of bags of ice to keep my fish nice and frosty down in my cooler. So I went down and packed it all nice and neat, making sure the plastic bag that held my huge coho steaks that will feed my family hadn’t been breached.

Fast forward to Port Hardy, a mostly-finished crossword later, when my cell phone beeped after two months of inactivity. Refreshingly, there is no cell coverage in these parts.
Lo and behold, it’s an email from the wonderful Carlson family, the owners of the Nusatsum River Guest House where I laid my weary head for five nights. Chris, husband of Christy and father of Finn and Elsie, is also a fishing guide. He knows how to fillet a salmon, I’ll tell you. And it was he who packed my coho into their overflowing freezer so it would outlast the highway repair work if need-be.

“Dude! You forgot your fish!!!” was how the message began, and I won’t go into further details since we’d become friends and you know how friends can give a hard time. But I was perplexed, and Chris should have been- the poor guy must have gotten his wires crossed. I grabbed my fish that very morning- albeit it was pretty early- but I had notes all over the place to remind myself to grab it. I’m no idiot.

It was time to disembark onto the storm-ravaged shores of northern Vancouver Island (parts endured up to 400mm of rain during the same 24hr period that caused the flood in Bella Coola!).

Unlocking the van, I lift up the plywood bed to access my trusty blue cooler, carrier of all that is precious and good in the world. “Grab a beer,” I can say to a friend. “Check out this fish!!!” I will declare to Amy,  hoisting massive chunks of orange flesh onto our counter, triumphantly and manly.

Check out this… what is this?

And I pull out the specially-reduced, frozen, whole chicken that was surely bound to grace the Carlsons’ dinner table one day when they were finished eating all of their fish. Mine included!

Postscript: Chris and Christy were nice enough to ship it down on the next flight to Vancouver where I picked it up, no harm done! Thanks!!!

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