Beer League Hockey

This video pretty much sums up the commitment and passion required to play in the Kootenay Lake rec league, Nelson, British Columbia. For those of you who play, this may be just another video recorded in the presence of 12 half-dressed men. For those who don’t, but have a spouse who insists on a carbo-load at 5:30pm and a Red Bull for dessert, this might enlighten the situation. Game on!


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Testing gear

My good friend Cam Shute and I were out the other day in Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park, our backyard big-mountain haven. He works as a product engineer for Genuine Guide Gear and had a ski crampon to test. I figured I’d tinker with a day of SLR video while Cam was busy putting his prototype through the ins and outs. Thanks to his wife Genevieve for holding the fort with their newborn Mateo…

Ski Crampon Test from Steve Ogle on Vimeo.

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