Primeval Fear on The Discovery Channel

Sometimes old, scary memories are brought back to life, then shown to millions of people. In this case, it was a 2004 ski trip to Patagonia with friends Mark Tinholt and Chad Sayers. We spent two weeks being accosted by what was likely just an average storm up on the Southern Patagonia Icecap, then last spring Chad and I participated in a filming effort to tell our story. Discovery’s Raging Planet 2 series has recently aired in the US, featuring six episodes, each one composed of several real-life dramas that help viewers understand what happens when you mess with Mother Nature. Three million people watched me use the words PRIMEVAL FEAR during our 5 minute part of the episode on Blizzards.

I was able to poach this grainy segment so you can watch it below, but I still haven’t seen any of the other (surely more dramatic) tales of adventure. I’ll post news when it airs in Canada, or is available online.


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CE Scanner

A guy on my hockey team is organizing the campaign for a CT Scanner for our local hospital. I was able to donate a photo for the cause, which you can also help out by clicking here:


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My first blog entry

Well, this isn’t the first ever, just on my site. For those of you (and I know there’s at least one) who have been patiently awaiting the redesign, thanks. Also thanks to Rik at Yellowseed. I’ll try to keep things current and not throw you back into time, but in the near future (stay with me here) I’ll get some media from recent adventures posted to spice things up. Here is where you’ll find videos, multi-media presentations, slide shows, not to mention some actual news. In the meantime, here are a couple of other blogs I’ve been involved with in the last year, with plenty of reading material for your coffee break:
Highlights a recent expedition to (where else?) Patagonia.
Here you’ll find postings for the annual bird migration monitoring efforts at Tatlayoko Lake, BC. Some of you may know my alter ego is as an ornithologist. What’s that? Find out for yourself on the link!

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